This Is The Last Week To Save 25% Using The Promo Code LOVE

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This is the final week of February meaning it is your final chance to save 25% off everything using the promo code LOVE. I truly love all of your community support with and my business so what better way to celebrate thi… read more

We Now Accept PayPal!

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Hey there everybody! It’s official: my store now accepts PayPal. Now you can use it to shop to your heart’s fullest content knowing that all of your personal branding and career mobility needs are met You can also … read more

Why Positive Massive Action Matters To Your Career

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Time is not waiting for anyone which is why I am dedicating this issue towards time and an important epiphany that I have received last week. I saw a colleague mention that she was celebrating her 6th PMP anniversary. Okay. Then I saw in the … read more

This Easter Save Time and Money with a 40% Off Sale

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Use Promo Code EASTER to Save 40% The Whole Store!Easter Sunday is right around the corner everyone and I want you to have as much time as possible to be around your family and friends during this time. As a person obsessed over time manageme… read more

How to Stay on Brand At All Times

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Hey there. It is Friday. We are officially 75 days into 2019. How are you doing everyone? I hope that it is all well and that you are making progress. If you have been following me throughout this year, you would know that I have been working… read more

Happy New Year!

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I am wishing you a very Happy New Year! Here’s to a productive and prosper 2019! I wish that you realize every single dream that you have been working for in 2018. As for myself, 2018 has been a learning experience positioning me for an even … read more

Take 25% Off All Orders Using The YEAREND Code

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2018 has been one for the records books. As a token of my appreciation, here is the YEAREND sales code to get 25% off my entire store. Shop till you drop (or at least your thumbs or index finger get tired!). Though this YEAREND code is good u… read more

Be Merry and Bright!

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Not done with your Christmas shopping? Waited until the last minute? Forgot someone on your list? I know that all of these things are dancing in your head like sugar plums (and not in a good way!). No worries! Shop … read more

Happy Thanksgiving! Christmas with Carla

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Hey everyone! This is Carla and I am wishing each and everyone of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Also remember that Christmas with Carla will epic and start tomorrow Black Friday. If you still want to be a part of this biggest and best Black … read more

No Assembly Required!

· 196 words · about a minute is still going throughout this weekend. Looking for the best business, branding and project management products? Get your digital stocking stuffers here! No Assembly Required! No batteries, instructions and fumbling… read more

Don't Discount December! There's Still Plenty to Do!

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Many people are looking past December ahead of January and the New Year. This is a bad mistake because there is still so much that you can do right now. Personally, I have received my second training request approved this week. I also receive… read more

The Black Friday Store Is Now Open! Shop It Now!

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The Black Friday Store is now open! Shop it! It features my three best bundles that I can curate for all of my businessmen, executive, entrepreneurs and personal growth people.Remember BLACKFRIDAY code gets y… read more

Shop Now & Later!

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Happy Friday to all! The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are fast approaching. I am making food and decorative preparations. Also Black Friday is 7 days from now! However, you don’t have to wait until next Friday to shop my store! You can… read more

Partial Black Friday List Revealed! Check It Out Right Now!

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I am giving a peek behind the rainbow of my Black Friday Christmas List before everyone else. I am bringing you my absolute best new content, products and services to help you become better. You will not find these products and services in my… read more

Sign Up for the Black Friday List Today!

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Be Merry This Black Friday! Sign Up for the Black Friday List Today! Although this is the first few days of November, Christmas is right around the corner! Phenomena is here to spread Christmas cheer! I want you to be merry during this season… read more

Want to Get in Gear Before the End of This Year? Read Here!

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Ask yourself a question: what do you want to drop in the future? Think about it. Okay, well why wait? Do it now. Why stay miserable for another day? Liberate yourself from the things that weigh you down because this kind of honesty saves time… read more

5 Ways to Stop Struggling and Start Succeeding

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You aren’t a slouch. You are highly invested in yourself and your career. However, for the life of you, you can’t understand how you keep going in circles. You have tried everything. You’ve read every book and signed up for every professional… read more

Stop Struggling. Start Succeeding!

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Stop struggling. Start succeeding. Are you're still struggling with making your personal brand pop? It doesn't have to be that way. You can be the perfectly polished professional in just a few short clicks. Go to my online store and buy Expan… read more

Shop for the Best in Business Products!

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Shop the Selz store for the best in personal and professional development products. This store will help you improve your time management, organizational and project management skills. These products can help any busy professional, executive … read more

This One Book Changed My Life!

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Hey everyone! Carla here! I am coming into your inbox because in 2 weeks I will be celebrating my 1-year anniversary of the Expand Your Personal Brand. This one book has changed my life and I owe everything to it! It is my baby and first prod… read more