This One Book Changed My Life!

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Hey everyone! Carla here! I am coming into your inbox because in 2 weeks I will be celebrating my 1-year anniversary of the Expand Your Personal Brand. This one book has changed my life and I owe everything to it! It is my baby and first product that I have ever created. It has been a wild ride. It has gotten me on radio, blogs, expert list and increased notoriety. All of these things still keep my name in search nearly one year later. Moreover, I am very proud that one my first attempt as an author, Expand Your Personal Brand has become an Amazon bestseller. I love it because I get to communicate, engage and share with people the importance of strengthening their personal brand in the marketplace. Fellow reader, keep an eye because throughout this month I will be sharing with you my journey and what I have learned from it; and, it has all started from one book!

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