Project Management Success Bundle

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Project management is the buzzword in the workplace in 2020.

People are on all types of projects but are these projects successful?

Does the person in charge actually know what he or she is doing?

Do you feel overwhelmed as a project leader or suffering from low morale as a team member because of all of the confusion?

Well, look no further! I, am a certified project manager, who has compiled some easy to learn videos and webinars to help you solve these problems.

This project management success bundle will give you the skills to have a working knowledge of project management.

Project Management Success Bundle

  • Project Success and How to Measure It (video)
  • (Virtual) Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (video)
  • Resource Calendar (video)
  • 5 Positive Risk Strategies (Opportunities) (video)
  • 7 Steps to Creating a Goal Tracker (webinar + slides)
  • Never Struggle with Time Management Again (webinar + slides)

Black Friday Weekend Bonus: Resource Calendar and 5 Positive Risk Strategies (Opportunities)

Project Success and How to Measure It

I am discussing what project success is. It is important to know what success looks like and the questions you should ask to learn what the success requirements are.

(Virtual) Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Virtual seems to be all the rage today. You have virtual reality, virtual teams, and holographs. If you’ve been in project management for a while then you’ve led a virtual team. With tech advances, virtual teams are becoming the norm. You could be leading or a member of a part on several different countries or continents. The future of work means more dispersion; however, the key to successful project management is still communication. In this video, I am giving you the resources to successfully lead virtual teams to victory!

Resource Calendar

The Christmas season is upon us. That means vacations and more people out of the office. However, projects don’t take a holiday. The work still needs to be done. Therefore, we use resource calendars. Resource calendars keep track of your people, materials and equipment that you are using to complete your project. This includes vacations and resource availability. In this Project Management Monday Livestream, I delve deep into the importance of resource calendars and how to create them.

5 Positive Risk Strategies (Opportunities)

I will discuss positive risk strategies for your project. Another name for positive risk is opportunity.

Never Struggle with Time Management Again

You have the best of intentions. You buy the planners, calendars, post-it notes and highlighters promising yourself that this year you will resolve to manage your time better. Then the days become weeks then months and you are back in the same place this year as last year. You desperately want to get off of the treadmill but don’t know how.

Never Struggle with Time Management Again shows you how to improve your time management skills to finish what you’ve started.

7 Steps to Creating a Goal Tracker

Time is your most precious commodity. It is essential to effectively track your time, resources and progress. Below are the seven steps towards to creating a goal tracker.

  • Determine what are your definitions of success and progress
  • Know your resources and people
  • Add milestones
  • Write down change management procedures.
  • Use 3-point estimation to create contingency plans.
  • Monitor the progress.
  • Have a lessons learned section.

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