Top 40 Project Management Terms You Should Know Course

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Learn Project Management from the Pros in Less Than One Hour!

I get it! You are a busy professional. You’ve been hearing all the rage about project management on your job and in the media. You are interested in learning project management but cannot fit it into your jam-packed schedule.

This Top 40 Project Management Terms video course is for you! Learn wherever you are. You can watch this course:

· During your morning commute,

· in the airport lounge during a layover,

· at the hotel lobby during check-in

· or even at your child’s soccer game.

And the best part is that this video will take less than ONE hour! My product has the flexibility to accommodate YOU, the busy professional!

My video course contains:

· top 40 terms that all certified project managers use

· Clear and concise definitions

· Examples of how to apply these terms on your job and in the real world

· Course slides with all of the definitions shown in the webinar

In Less Than ONE Hour, You Will Learn:

· All of the different project management plans for your work

· Project management baselines to measure your progress

· How to manage your project team

· Which project phase your team is in and the tools to navigate it

· Which project plan is appropriate at what time

· The project management jargon that the certified project managers use

· Tools and techniques that you can instantly implement on your job.

There is even MORE! I have included several bonuses for FREE to help you better understand project management. These bonuses are:

· Quality versus grade definitions

· Project life cycle definitions

· Cost Estimation Types

These bonuses will teach you:

· The definition of quality and its importance to your project

· Which project life cycle you and your team is currently in and which tools to use

· The major project costs and how to manage them

You can improve your job performance in less time than a lunch break! And, at your own pace and on your own time! You know that you are ready!

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