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How to Stay on Brand At All Times

· 266 words · about a minute

Hey there. It is Friday. We are officially 75 days into 2019. How are you doing everyone? I hope that it is all well and that you are making progress. If you have been following me throughout this year, you would know that I have been working… read more

5 Ways to Stop Struggling and Start Succeeding

· 584 words · about 3 minutes

You aren’t a slouch. You are highly invested in yourself and your career. However, for the life of you, you can’t understand how you keep going in circles. You have tried everything. You’ve read every book and signed up for every professional… read more

Stop Struggling. Start Succeeding!

· 65 words · less than a minute

Stop struggling. Start succeeding. Are you're still struggling with making your personal brand pop? It doesn't have to be that way. You can be the perfectly polished professional in just a few short clicks. Go to my online store and buy Expan… read more

Spring Clean Your Career with Expand Your Personal Brand!

· 134 words · about a minute

Read Carlarjenkins.com article here: http://carlarjenkins.com/spring-clean-career/ · Does your career and personal brand need spring cleaning? · Do you feel that your career brand and resume are outdated unable to compete in today’s marketpla… read more