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How to Stay on Brand At All Times

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Hey there. It is Friday. We are officially 75 days into 2019. How are you doing everyone? I hope that it is all well and that you are making progress. If you have been following me throughout this year, you would know that I have been working… read more

Spring Clean Your Career with Expand Your Personal Brand!

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Read article here: · Does your career and personal brand need spring cleaning? · Do you feel that your career brand and resume are outdated unable to compete in today’s marketpla… read more

Spring Clean Your Career with My New Bundle!

· 388 words · about 2 minutes

March is the start of spring and I know that everyone wants to start spring cleaning their house; but, what about your career? I know that you may not think that you are even remotely in the market for someone in project management but hear m… read more